Our Philosophy


With a focus on people, from the first day, we set as our primary goal trust and respect with partners, our suppliers and our human resources.

With thousands of satisfied customers, over 200 satisfied partners and stable suppliers, every day we confirm in practice our anthropocentric perception and our constant effort to become better.


Our History


The start of the Business Activity of our Company takes place in 1985 exclusively as a representative of AVIN Lubricants in Evia, under the Ownership of Konstantinos Oikonomos.

In 1987, the company expands and the Liquid Gas Station is established, which is the first AVIN Gas Station in Evia.

In 2004 the company took its current form AFONI OIKONOMOU OE. under the direction of Dimitris, Nikodimos and Charalambos Economou. Our company was renewed, our facilities were radically renovated, additional modern services were created, the commercial department was developed, products and machinery were added and our fleet was increased for the best possible service to our customers.

In 2012, faithful to the course of our business development, the company expands in the field of solid fuels. Listening to the needs of the time, we offer quality products such as firewood and biomass (PELLET), in new specially designed privately owned facilities, with an area of 2,000 sq.m. in the center of Chalkida.

In 2020 we created the new unit of the "fuel family" where we created a modern gas station of AVIN, with a wide variety of lubricants and car accessories, high quality car wash, full corporate services and a "quick stop" to enjoy your coffee! We are waiting for you at the 6th km of Provincial Road Chalkida-N. Artakis.

We work based on direct contact and respect for the customer, with personal daily work of all of us to create the best possible collaborations, to evolve and expand the areas of activity of our company.

For us, a key priority is the relationship of trust and direct contact with you, and this is exactly the relationship of Trust that has promoted us as the First Company in the field of Fuels in Evia.


Purpose - Values


At our company our mission is to bring the most technologically advanced and reliable, in terms of quality and energy saving, solutions in the field of fuel and lubricant close to the professional and the final consumer.

In this context, we have set as our goals:
• The development and maintenance of excellent working relationships with our professional clients
• The continuous improvement of our services to our professional clients and the provision of solutions that enhance their work and reputation
• Cooperation with reliable construction companies that guarantee the reliability, efficiency and technological superiority of our products
• The utilization of modern technological means and the continuous improvement of our infrastructure in order to perfectly serve our customers and to facilitate our business operation
• Providing job security to our people and a collaborative environment rich in opportunities for empowerment, growth and development
• Good management to ensure the company's ability to invest in improvement
• Supporting the sustainable development of our place and social cohesion
• The constant strengthening of our reputation and our high position in the industry

In accordance with our mission and goals, we have developed and implemented a Quality Management System according to the ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, as well as ISO 45001. 2018 which aims to ensure the continuous improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of our operation and providing our customers, partners and staff with an excellent collaboration experience.


Our Vehicles


Our company has a privately owned fleet of more than 10 vehicles for immediate distribution.

Diesel Oil in every Professional, Construction, Industrial Areas, Ships, Crafts.

Heating oil achieving the best possible service times in Evia.

Όλων των ειδών υγρών καυσίμων προς προμήθεια πρατηρίων AVIN στην Εύβοια και Βοιωτία με το ιδιόκτητο βυτιοφόρο μας.

All types of liquid fuels for supply to AVIN service stations in Evia and Viotia with our privately owned tanker.